Cork Recycling


Natural cork is a renewable, recyclable and biodegradable product.  Natural corks are accepted in our composting program.    There are also two cork recycling programs with multiple local drop off locations – check their websites for drop off listings:corks-300x237


ReCORK by Amorim ( – corks are recycled into new cork products.  Local drop off locations include Vallerga’s Market, several wineries, and the Amorim & Portocork offices.

Cork ReHarvest, a program of the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance ( – corks are recycled into wine shippers, floor tiles, fishing bobbers, and other consumer & industrial products.  Local drop off is available at Whole Foods or the Napa Valley Vintners office.


Plastic corks:  We have worked with plastic cork producer Nomacorc ( and regional wineries to try and provide additional recycling options for synthetic corks. Currently they can be dropped off at Cork Supply USA, 531 Stone Road in Benicia.


Did you know?

Natural corks are accepted in your compost cart, but not the recycling cart.  Use ReCORK or Cork ReHarvest to recycle corks.

Metal screwcaps are allowed in the recycling, but please make sure to first remove the cap from the bottle and recycle the bottle and cap separately in the cart (do the same with the metal lids on glass jars).

Plastic corks are too small to be recovered if they are placed in the recycling cart, so if they are not dropped off for recycling (see above) they still need to go in your trash cart.