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Are you taking out a patio, building a fence, overhauling your backyard, or doing a remodel?  Does your business generate large amounts of materials?  Commercial and residential customers can take advantage of Napa Recycling’s convenient debris box services.

Do you have recyclable materials?  Why pay full price for a trash box when you can get the same size box for separated materials for a fraction of the cost?  The State of California and City of Napa now require that large construction and demolition projects reuse or recycle at least 50% of the debris generated.  You can get LEED credits for your green building project AND save money with our recycling boxes.  Recycle more and pay less with source-separated boxes…it’s green to $eparate!

Rates NRWS (City) NCRWS (County)
10 yd box trash $298.80 $309.06
10 yd box asphalt $132.47 $137.96
10 yd box concrete $157.70 $164.23
10 yd box dirt $189.25 $197.08
20 yd box trash $597.60 $427.55
20 yd box wood $126.16 $131.38
20 yd box yardwaste $214.49 $213.78
20 yd box sheetrock $126.16 $131.38
20 yd box grape pomace $126.16 $213.49
20 yd box carpet $194.16 $375.66
30 yd box trash $896.40 $557.71
30 yd box metal FREE FREE
30 yd box wood $157.70 $164.22
30 yd box yardwaste $277.56 $278.85
30 yd box carpet $259.70 $479.87
40 yd box carpet $325.24 $596.61

Boxes for single-stream recycling, cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, or metal are always free!

New!  Split Boxes – your choice how to split!   Save space – twice the material types in the same area.  Split boxes are 20 yard boxes with a divider in the middle.  You can choose any combination of these material types:  wood, yard waste, sheetrock, metal, cardboard, single-stream recycling, or trash.  Rates are based on 10 yard prices for each material – click here for the split box rates (please note that split boxes are only available in the City of Napa NRWS service area).

For more information or to order debris box service, please call (707) 255-5200 or email


Please note:  Source-separated boxes contaminated with garbage will be charged the regular trash rate.  No hazardous wastes (including chemicals, solvents, paints, TVs, computers, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, fuel, oil, asbestos, explosives, and tires) are allowed in any debris box.  Click here for hazardous waste disposal options.

Click here for the full text of the City of Napa’s Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Ordinance.  Qualifying City of Napa projects will need to fill out a Waste Reduction & Recycling Plan (WRRP).  The City’s Materials Volume-to-Weight Conversion Sheet is available to help in plan preparation.

Be sure to check out, and for directories and information for your next green building project.
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