E-Waste Recycling Options

Free curbside recycling of all electronics and metal appliances is available with the RECYCLE MORE program!e-waste_stream

It is illegal to dispose of E-Waste in the trash – please recycle!


The NAPA RECYCLING & COMPOSTING FACILITY accepts e-waste and metal appliances FREE 7 days a week!

820 Levitin Way, off Hwy 29 & Tower Rd, 255-5200

Open everyday from 8am-4pm

E-Waste includes:

COMPUTER EQUIPMENT:  computers, modems, keyboards, printers, scanners, cables, mouses


OFFICE EQUIPMENT:  telephones, fax machines & copiers

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS:  cell phones, VCRs, tape players, stereo equipment, radios, CDs, power cords, etc.

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES:  microwaves, blenders, food processors, toasters, fans, vacuums, coffee makers, Christmas light strands, etc.

Large metal appliances can also be dropped off for free recycling.

Hazardous/toxic materials, such as paints, solvents, used oil, smoke detectors, batteries, and fluorescent bulbs, are not accepted.  Our Recycle Guide has options for these items.  In particular, many smoke detectors contain a trace amount of radioactive material and are not accept in the recycling or trash – they must be returned to the manufacture for proper recycling.  Here is the list of manufacturer addresses for return.

Napa Recycling will also pick up e-waste from your home or business.  This is free with the Recycle More program!

Where else can I recycle e-waste?

Clover Flat Landfill

707-963-7988 – free dropoff of all e-waste

Goodwill Thrift Stores


Yountville Corp Yard

707-944-2988 – free dropoff of e-waste

Return to the manufacturer
– check their website for details.  You can also find a comprehensive guide to manufacturer and retailer takeback programs at PC Magazine’s Electronics Recycling Superguide.

Or, come to one of our upcoming free drop-off events, which are consistently among the largest in the country.

Electronic Recyclers
Where does Napa’s e-waste go?  It’s transported to a certified facility in Fresno (at right), where it is carefully disassembled into different components (metals, plastic, glass, etc.).  This material then goes to manufacturing facilities to be reprocessed into new products.  Find out more at www.electronicrecyclers.com.



Working Computer Donations:

Help schools and non-profits by donating unwanted computers and equipment. Some restrictions apply.  Global Stewards has a list of Bay Area donation locations.


Interested in erasing personal information off of your computer? Many online guides are available to help.


Or, fix your cell phone or other electronic devices!  Find free repair manuals at www.ifixit.com.


Cell Phones and
Toner/Ink Cartridges: State law requires that all businesses selling cell phones must take them back for recycling – Click here to read the law.  In addition, recycling companies pay schools for their collection of used cell phones and ink/toner cartridges.  By recycling just one ink cartridge, a half gallon of oil is conserved! For more information, visit www.cartridgesforkids.com, www.recyclefree.com, www.escrip.com or www.envirosmart.org.


Most toner & ink jet cartridges can be sent back to the manufacturer free of charge. They are also accepted at the following Napa businesses:

Look for re-manufactured & refurbished cartridges

Healthquest Fitness Center:  3175 California Blvd., 254-7200

Goodwill:  1683 W. Imola Ave, 252-1197, www.gire.org

Staples:  3325 Jefferson St., 258-1490

Office Depot:  211 Soscol Ave., 258-0280

Cell phones and their batteries are accepted anywhere they are sold.  Otherwise, donate cell phones to a school above or charity.  Search for “cell phone donation” for an online list of options.

Electronic Media Recycling
– CDs, DVDs, audio tapes, computer diskettes, VHS tapes, etc:

CDs/DVDs (including jewel cases) and records can be dropped off as e-waste at our facility, at some of the schools listed above or recycled as plastic in your blue cart. Please make sure to remove and recycle the paper liner notes or jackets separately.   Remember, reusable CDs/DVDs can be dropped off at any thrift store and are also accepted for reuse with our Recycle More program.

VHS, cassette tapes and computer diskettes will tangle our machinery and are not accepted for recycling in the blue cart.  They are accepted in our Recycle More program and for drop off at our facility.  Tapes and CDs also be reused/recycled through the following outlets:

Green Disk (800) 305-3475, www.greendisk.com

Or, reuse them at home – www.make-stuff.com/recycling/cd.html