Fluorescent Lamp Recycling


LED and fluorescent bulbs are up to four times more efficient than incandescent bulbs and last 10 to 25 times as long.  It’s important to switch to more efficient lighting because of the energy you can save, but spent fluorescents must be recycled properly…do not throw them in the trash!  Why?  Fluorescent lamps and tubes contain mercury and are banned from landfills.  Improper disposal can cause mercury to be be released into the air, water and soil—posing a risk to public health and environment.  Please note that LED bulbs do not contain mercury and can be disposed of in the regular trash when they finally burn out.


**Napa’s fluorescent bulb & tube recycling program offers free drop off at in-town stores! 

The Lighting Efficiency & Safe Stewardship (LESS) Recycling Program promote the safe disposal of household-generated fluorescent bulbs and tubes (up to 4′) at no cost to you (scroll down for business options).  This take-back program makes it possible to safely recycle these items at these participating retailers in Napa:


Ace Hardware:
Zeller’s, 819 Randolph St, Napa; 224-0204

Clark’s, 325 Lincoln Ave, Napa; 255-4272
Drop off during business hours, household generated batteries also accepted

Napa Electric

2240 Brown St, Napa; 252-6611
Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm


LESS is sponsored by the City of Napa, Leadership Napa Valley, Napa County, PG&E, the US Department of Energy & Napa Recycling & Waste Services.


Household-Generated Fluorescent Bulbs and Tubes (up to 4′) are also accepted at the following Napa County locations:


American Canyon:

Hazardous Waste Collection Facility
889A Devlin Road; 1-800-984-9661
Hours: Every Fri & Sat 9am–4pm
Mercury containing items accepted, fluorescent lamps/tubes & all batteries. HOUSEHOLDS: No appointment / no charge.
BUSINESSES: Call for appointment / charge for service.  Click here for detailed business recycling options.

City of Napa:

Home Depot
225 Soscol Ave; 251-0162
Compact fluorescent bulbs and rechargeable batteries – take them to the returns desk.  No fluorescent tubes or non-rechargeable batteries accepted.

St. Helena:

Steve’s Hardware
1370 Main St; 963-3423
Fluorescent lamps/tubes and rechargeable batteries accepted


Clover Flat Landfill
4380 Silverado Trail; 963-7988
Hours: Tues-Sat 9am–4pm; Sun 9am–3pm
Household generated batteries & fluorescent lamps accepted (no business-generated batteries and fluorescent lamps).

Ace Silverado Hardware
1450 Lincoln Ave; 942-4396
Fluorescent lamps/tubes and household-generated batteries accepted


College Hardware
15 Angwin Plaza; 965-7537
Fluorescent lamps/tubes accepted


Businesses can click here for a list of providers who handle fluorescent tubes or visit www.almr.org or www.lamprecycle.org for more information.

For additional resources, and to learn about “Take Back” programs, check out:
California Product Stewardship Council, www.calpsc.org
Product Policy Institute, www.productpolicy.org
Napa County Dept. of Environmental Management 253-4471
Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) 800-72TOXIC, www.dtsc.ca.gov