Halloween Costume Exchange


Why just orange and black?  Let’s go GREEN for Halloween!


The City of Napa and Community Resources for Children are sponsoring another FREE Halloween Costume Exchange – come out to one of these three upcoming October events to donate or pick up a new-to-you costume…you don’t have to donate a costume to participate!


Make Halloween eek-o-friendly!  Respook, Rewear, Rescare!


You can donate gently worn costumes now through November 12th –  we’ll redistribute donated costumes at these Halloween costume exchanges or at one of our free swap events next October.




Napa Recycling & Waste Services
598 Lincoln Avenue • Mon–Fri, 8:30am–5pm

Fire Station #1
930 Seminary Street, Front Office • Mon–Fri, 8:30am–5pm

Las Flores Community Center
4300 Linda Vista Avenue • Mon–Fri, 8am–5pm

Napa County Library
580 Coombs Street
Mon–Thurs, 10am–9pm and Fri–Sat, 10am–6pm.  Friends of the Library will offer a free book for each costume donated during their book sale hours (Tues-Sat, noon-5pm)

Napa County Administration Building
1195 Third Street, Public Works Office • Mon–Fri, 8am–5pm

Community Resources for Children*
3299 Claremont Way • Mon–Thurs, 9am–5pm and Fri, 10am–4pm

*This is the ONLY location able to offer a receipt for your tax-deductible costume donation.



Please do not drop off costumes at any time other than the specified days and hours listed above!


Businesses interested in donating costumes should contact the Community Resources for Children office at (707) 253-0376.


Questions? Email naparecycles@cityofnapa.org.

Pumpkins in the compost



Looking to reduce waste this Halloween?  Check out these tips from CalRecycle for an Eek-o Friendly Halloween.



And, after Halloween, don’t forget to compost your old jack-o-lanterns…toss those pumpkins in the brown compost cart!  And, compost all your leaves, food scraps and soiled paper too!