Home Composting

Free Home Composting Workshops

Learn how to turn yard trimmings and kitchen scraps into wonderfully rich, free compost for your garden.  Discover the basics of backyard composting and composting with  worms.  The City and County of Napa, NRWS/NCRBackyard CompostingWS, and the U.C. Master Gardeners of Napa County offer free composting classes annually.  Check your garbage bill inserts early in the year for a registration form or register online at www.cityofnapa.org/compost.  For more composting information or questions, call the Master Gardeners at 707-253-4143, M-W-F: 9am–Noon or visit the Master Gardeners website.

Do you have yard trimmings or food scraps?
We take food scraps, soiled paper, leaves, branches, grass and other compostable material.  As a NRWS/NCRWS customer, you can use your brown compost cart. Place it curbside on your regular garbage service day. For larger loads, contact us and order a yardwaste debris box. To drop off yard trimmings, go to our facility off Hwy 29 at 820 Levitin Way. Call 255-5200 for additional service information.

What happens to your yard trimmings and food scraps?
The compostable material collected is produced into organic compost.  This high quality soil amendment is used to enrich the soil of farms, vineyards, yards, and gardens…closing the loop locally and sustainably.  Click here for more information.

To Purchase Compost:
Come to the Napa Recycling & Composting Facility – 820 Levitin Way in south Napa:

Organic Compost • $10/cubic yard, plus tax

NRWS will deliver for a fee –10 cubic yard minimum.  Click here for more information.

If you are looking for worms to start a worm composting bin at home, check out www.wormendingsunlimited.com.