Motor Oil & Automotive Fluid Recycling


residential_curbside-oil-filter-&-contaRecycling is the only legal way to get rid of used motor oil.  Steps to changing your motor oil for recycling:
Step 1:  Drain motor oil into a drain pan.  Drain your oil filter for 24 hours…it can hold up to a quart of oil!
Step 2:  Pour your used oil into a reusable container with a tight fitting lid.  Put your filter in a plastic bag or sealed container.  Take it to a drop-off center or use our curbside program listed below.

IMPORTANT!  Please don’t mix oil with anything!


Curbside Recycling of Used Motor Oil and/or Filters
  • Call 255-5200 to sign up for the program & to reserve an oil recycling container and oil filter bag.  The containers hold 2.25 gallons of oil, and 2 filters will fit in the provided bag.
  • Pickup is on your regular collection day. When you are ready for a pickup, please call us at 255-5200 for an appointment, so the drivers will look for your oil container set next to your recycling cart.
  • You will receive a replacement recycling container and filter bag for your next oil change.


You can also take your used oil, filters, boat bilge pads, antifreeze, latex paint, or auto batteries to one of the oil recycling centers listed below.  Be sure to go during business hours & to bring no more than a maximum of 15 gallons of oil (in 5 gallon-size containers) at a time.  Please make sure to completely drain all oil filters (see step 1 above).  Some oil recycling locations are California Certified Oil Collection Centers and offer 40¢ per gallon for used oil.  Call collection centers or 1-800-CLEANUP for more information, or visit



7021 Main St

American Canyon 649-2611

accepts auto batteries, oil and oil filters

Markley Cove Resort
7521 Highway 128
Lake Berryessa 966-2134
accepts bilge pads
698 Lincoln Ave
Napa 257-3822accepts auto batteries, oil and oil filters
Napa Ford Lincoln
570 Soscol Ave
Napa 255-2580
accepts oil and oil filters
B&B Automotive

1750 Tanen St

Napa 255-7588

accepts auto batteries, oil, oil filters and antifreeze

Napa Valley Marina
1200 Milton Road
Napa 252-8011
accepts oil, oil filters, and bilge pads
Berryessa Transfer/Recycling Operation
7400 Steele Canyon Rd.
Lake Berryessa 226-9543
Saturday 9am-3pm
accepts oil, oil filters, auto batteries and antifreeze
O’Reilly Auto Parts
2290 Jefferson Street
Napa 224-8606
accepts oil, oil filters, and auto batteries
Bert Williams & Sons Auto Parts
525 Northbay Drive
Napa 255-7003
accepts oil, oil filters, and auto batteries
Lopez Auto Service

1898 Imola Avenue

Napa 254-9365

accepts oil and oil filters

Clover Flat Landfill
4380 Silverado Trail
Calistoga 963-7988
Tues-Sat 9am-4pm; Sun 9am-3pm
accepts oil, oil filters, antifreeze, latex paint, and auto batteries
Pleasure Cove Resort
6100 Highway 128
Lake Berryessa 966-2172
accepts bilge pads
Devlin Road Recycling & Transfer Facility
889 Devlin Road (off Hwy 29 & S. Kelly Road)
American Canyon 258-9005
Daily 8am–4pmaccepts oil, oil filters, antifreeze, latex paint, and auto batteries
Pep Boys
1823 Soscol Ave
Napa 252-1561
accepts oil and oil filters
Hazardous Waste Collection Facility
889A Devlin Road
American Canyon 1-800-984-9661
Fri & Sat 9am-4pm
accepts oil, oil filters, antifreeze, paint and auto batteries
Silver Auto Service
1721-B Action St
Napa 224-4708
accepts oil and oil filters
Imports Unlimited
2530 Stockton Street
Napa 252-1177
accepts oil and oil filters