Plastic Bags

plastic_bag-215x300Napa’s banned the bag – find out details on the Plastic Bag Ordinance Overview page.


And, now California has banned plastic bags statewide!


Plastic bags and other plastic film packaging should not be placed in your curbside recycling cart – they tangle with our Bring Your Own Bag bannerequipment and create costly and dangerous work stoppages.  Please use reusable bags when you shop.  Other plastic bags (like produce bags) can be reused.  Some stores offer plastic film and bag recycling – find local drop off locations and more info at  Otherwise, any non-reusable plastic bags/plastic film should be disposed of in the gray landfill cart. Remember to reduce plastics usage whenever possible!

When Napa’s ban took effect, we immediately saw a 50% decrease in plastic bag contamination in our recycling stream.  In addition, Napa stores are reporting that 60-90% of shoppers are now using reusable bags (up from less then 10% before the bag ban)…It’s easy and it’s working!  Click here for additional info on the plastic bag ordinance.

full_grocery_bag-220x300BYOB…Bring Your Own Bag!  Before bag bans, Californians used to discard 600 plastic bags per second!  Plastic bags litter the environment, use up valuable resources and fill up landfills.  Please strongly consider using reusable cloth bags (the best option) or recyclable paper bags when you shop. 

Check out for tips on how to remember your reusable bags every time you shop!

Did you know?  A vast area of the Pacific Ocean over twice the size of California is filled with plastic.  This “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” would not exist if all plastics were reduced, reused or recycled.