Recycling Saves

Recycling Saves Resourcesearth-heart200po

Recycling protects the environment and reduces the need to extract virgin materials, including oil — recycling one ton of plastic saves the equivalent of nearly 4 barrels of oil.  Our local recycling and composting efforts help save the equivalent of over 10 million gallons of gasoline each year!  In addition, 17 trees are saved by recycling one ton of paper.

Recycling Saves Energy

Each year, 140,000 tons of materials are recycled or composted at the Napa Recycling & Composting Facility. By keeping these valuable resources out of the landfill, we significantly decrease carbon dioxide and methane emissions and save enough energy to power all the houses in Napa for nearly three months!


Recycling Saves Jobs

Did you know that the recycling industry in California employs as many people (85,000) as the film industry? And, for every ton of material that is recycled, instead of wasted in incinerators and landfills, 10 times more jobs are created in recycling sorting, and 25 times more jobs are created in recycling manufacturing.  Check out more info on the “Recycling Means Business” page.


Recycling Saves Money

Recycling is more efficient than wasting and costs us all less.  Recycling and compost collection is included with your service, and your monthly rate is determined by the size of your garbage container. The bigger the cart, the more you pay…save money by reducing your waste!



Here are some easy ways to help:


Reuse & recycle at home & work


Bring your own bag


Compost your food scraps


Purchase products made of recycled materials