Styrofoam & Packaging Reuse Options

styrofoam_peanutsDrop-off Locations:

Cartons & Crates
, 3250 California Blvd,  Accepts bagged foam peanuts, large Styrofoam sheets (do not break), packaging foam/foam wrap, bubble wrap, air pillows, wine shippers, clean edge protectors, cardboard boxes (w/o labels), ice packs and other reusable shipping materials  (please call ahead:  224-7447)

Buffalo’s Shipping Post, 2471 Solano Ave, accepts foam peanuts only

All American Mail Center
, 1270 Trancas Ave, accepts foam peanuts only

The UPS Store
, 3212 Jefferson St. or 4225 Solano Ave in Napa, 101 W. American Canyon Rd in American Canyon, accepts foam peanuts only (please no cardboard boxes)

Clean Styrofoam blocks can currently be dropped off for recycling at two locations in Northern California:

El Cerrito Recycling Center
, 7501 Schmidt Lane, El Cerrito.  White block polystyrene foam accepted; please no packaging peanuts, cups or food containers.

, 1400 Victor Road, Lodi.  Dart recycles the material into picture frames, plastic lumber and insulation.

Avoid messy and wasteful Styrofoam by packing instead with reused newspaper, cornstarch peanuts, or other earth-friendly methods – and if you’re shipping wine, use corrugated or pulped cardboard as a great recyclable alternative.