Toner & Ink Cartridges

cartridges_for_kidsToner & Ink Cartridges, Cell Phones:
Recycling companies pay schools for their collection of used cell phones and ink/toner cartridges.  By recycling just one ink cartridge, a half gallon of oil is conserved! For more information, visit,, or

Participating Schools
Alta Heights Elementary 253-3671
American Canyon Middle School* 259-8592
Browns Valley Elementary 253-3761
Blue Oak School* 261-4500
Bel Aire Park Elementary* 253-3775
Calistoga Elementary* 942-4398
Calistoga Joint Unified School District* 942-4703
Carneros Elementary* 253-3466
Donaldson Way Elementary* 253-3524
First Christian* 253-7226
Harvest Middle School* 259-8866
Justin Siena High Ecology Club* 255-0950
McPherson Elementary* 253-3488
Napa High* 253-3711
Napa Valley Language Academy* 253-3678
New Technology High* 259-8557
Northwood Elementary* 253-3471
Phillips Edison Partnership School* 253-3481
Pueblo Vista Elementary* 253-3491
Redwood Middle School (only small cartridges) 253-3415
River School* 253-6813
St. John the Baptist* 224-8338
Salvador Elementary* 253-3476
Silverado Middle School 253-3688
Snow Elementary* 253-3666
Vichy Elementary* 253-3544
Vintage High* 253-3601
West Park Elementary* 253-3516
Yountville Elementary 253-3485


*These schools work with Cartridges for Kids, Recycle Free, eScrip or Enviro Smart and also accept cell phones, smart phones, iPods/MP3 players, GPS devices, laptops and CDs/DVDs for recycling. Accessories such as power cords, docking and charging stations must accompany the laptops, smart phones and other electronic devices.


Most toner & ink jet cartridges can be sent back to the manufacturer free of charge. They are also accepted at the following businesses:

Think Toner & Ink:  1313 Main St, 257-4INK(4465),
Healthquest Fitness Center:  3175 California Blvd., 254-7200
Goodwill:  1683 W. Imola Ave, 252-1197,
Staples:  3325 Jefferson St., 258-1490
Office Depot:  211 Soscol Ave., 258-0280


Cell phones and their batteries are accepted anywhere they are sold.  Otherwise, donate cell phones to a school above or charity.  Visit the following websites for more information: