Universal Waste (U-waste)

Click here for more info on our fluorescent lamp & tube recycling program, with free drop off at Napa stores!


All “universal waste” materials are banned from the trash. If not disposed of properly, these items will release toxic substances that find their way into our air, water and eventually into the food we eat.

What is Universal Waste?

  • All batteries
  • Fluorescent lamps & tubes
  • Items containing mercury: thermostats, thermometers, switches (e.g. pilot light sensors, clothes irons, blood pressure gauge, novelties such as maze games & talking greeting cards)
  • Electronic devices with a digital component

Why is Universal Waste a Problem?
U-Waste contains a variety of hazardous and toxic materials, including lead, mercury and cadmium.  U-waste is banned from the trash because these toxic materials can be released, posing a risk to public health & the environment.

  • A TV or computer monitor contains 7 lbs of lead!
  • Mercury and other substances released into the air and water are toxic to wildlife & humans. Mercury is easily absorbed through the lungs and skin.  A single broken mercury thermometer can contaminate up to 5 million gallons of water!
  • The mercury from one fluorescent bulb can ruin 6,000 gallons of drinking water.

U-Waste Recycling
Take u-waste to these local facilities.  Some facilities accept both u-waste and e-waste.  Click here for all battery drop-off locations.

Hazardous Waste Collection Facility

889A Devlin Road, American Canyon, 1-800-984-9661
Hours: Every Fri & Sat 9am–4pm
Mercury containing items, fluorescent lamps/tubes & all batteries. HOUSEHOLDS: No appointment / no charge.
BUSINESSES: Call for appointment / charge for service.  Click here for detailed business recycling options.
Did you know that throwing out a mercury thermostat could cost you $70,000? Instead, bring in your mercury thermostat to the HHW facility…and you can even get a $5 rebate! You’ll get rewarded for doing the right thing, avoid the $70,000 penalty, and protect the environment by recycling mercury. Click here to see if you’re eligible for the $5 rebate.

Napa Recycling & Composting Facility

820 Levitin Way, American Canyon, 707-255-5200
Daily Hours: 8am–4pm
E-waste:  Free drop off at facility or schedule curbside collection.

Ace Hardware

Zeller’s, 819 Randolph St, Napa; 224-0204
Clark’s, 325 Lincoln Ave, Napa; 255-4272
Silverado, 1450 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga; 942-4396
Household generated batteries & fluorescent lamps and tubes (no business waste accepted)

Clover Flat Landfill

4380 Silverado Trail, Calistoga 707-963-7988
Hours: Tues-Sat 9am–4pm; Sun 9am–3pm
Free e-waste drop off.  Household generated batteries & fluorescent lamps also accepted (no business-generated batteries and fluorescent lamps).

Napa Electric
2240 Brown St, Napa; 252-6611
Fluorescent lamps & tubes accepted 

Home Depot

225 Soscol Ave, Napa; 251-0162
Compact fluorescent bulbs and rechargeable batteries – take them to the returns desk.  No fluorescent tubes accepted.

City of American Canyon Mercury Elimination Program

City of American Canyon Corporation Yard; 205 Wetlands Edge Road, American Canyon; 647-4550
Hours:  M-F 8am-4pm
Replacement of fever thermometers, mercury thermostats and disposal of mercury products for residents only.

Businesses can click here for a list of providers who handle fluorescent tubes or visit www.almr.org or 
www.lamprecycle.org for more information.

For additional resources, and to learn about “Take Back” programs, check out:

California Product Stewardship Council, www.calpsc.org
Product Policy Institute, www.productpolicy.org
Napa County Planning, Building & Environmental Services, 253-4417
Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) 800-72TOXIC, www.dtsc.ca.gov