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Napa businesses receive single stream recycling and yard trimmings collection along with their garbage service at no extra charge. Food composting service is also available to all businesses. 

Always place recycling, compost and trash bins together! Print out these free PDF signs for your RecyclingCompost and Trash containers (as well as a 3-in-1 sign of all three streams). We also have a printable Recycling Guide in English and Spanish.

Check out our Business Training Video (we have versions in English & Spanish) on how to sort your materials properly so you and your staff can become star environmental stewards and reduce the possibility of contaminating your recycling or compost (and ensure no costly fees!): How to Sort Properly Training Video for City of Napa Businesses / Como Separar Correctamente para Empresas en la Ciudad de Napa

For single-stream recycling, put all recyclables together in your mixed recycling cart or bin! Recycling and yard trimmings compost service is available in carts (35, 65 or 95 gallon) or bins (1½ to 6 yards). 

If your business has large amounts of shrink wrap, scrap plastic, wine for destruction, e-waste, pallets, or other special recyclable materials, call us at (707) 255-5200 for pickup options.

Note: The City of Napa requires all new development or remodeling projects to provide adequate enclosures for trash, recycling and compost containers. See our Enclosure Standards page for details.

Special Services

Interior Bins
Do you need a better way to get the recycling from your office, kitchen, classroom or apartment to the bins outside? The City of Napa or Napa County will provide interior recycling and compost containers to businesses, schools and multi-family dwellings committed to recycling and composting. Here’s a PDF list of available bins and our equipment & sticker request form. You can also print out signs. Call us at (707) 257-9200 or email us for more details.

Food Composting
Is your restaurant, catering company, grocery store or office interested in composting food scraps and soiled paper? Food composting is now mandatory and available to all of our customers! Learn more about our food composting program.

Cart & Bin Cleaning
Food compost carts receive quarterly cleaning as part of the service. Need additional cleanings? Check out the services provided by Napa’s Truly Clean Bins. Here are additional tips on keeping carts and bins clean.

Hazardous Waste
Businesses that generates less than 220 pounds or 27 gallons of hazardous waste per month can dispose of their waste at the Hazardous Waste Facility. Appointments are required and there is a fee for this service. For appointments and information, call 1-800-984-9661. Protect your business and employees by disposing of unwanted, unused and out-of-date hazardous wastes properly.

Businesses that generate hazardous waste are required to obtain a Hazardous Waste Generator Permit. Call Napa County Environmental Management at (707) 253-4471 or visit the Napa County website for information.

Find tips for disposing of specific types of hazardous waste on our Commercial Hazardous Waste page.

E-Waste, Tire & Bulky Item Pickup
E-waste drop-off is free at our Napa facility. NRWS/NCRWS will also pick up used tires, e-waste (TVs, computers, microwaves, etc.), and bulky items. E-waste, appliance and large metal item pickup is now free through the Recycle More program. Fees apply for tire and bulky item pickups. Pickups must be scheduled in advance. Call (707) 255-5200 for details.

Roll Off Boxes for Large Generators
For large generators, free debris box service is available for recycling and yard trimmings/food composting is available at discounted rates. Learn more about our debris box service.

Special Event Recycling
State and County policies require recycling at large events. Plus, recycling will save you money because there is no charge for separated recyclables at events, while there is always a charge for trash collection.

Special events provide a great opportunity to recycle and compost. NRWS/NCRWS is committed to increasing recycling at Napa events and helping you make it happen. When you call us for service for your event we’ll help you select the right recycling, compost and trash containers for your needs and we’ll provide guidelines for successful event recycling.

Free Waste Assessments
Want to decrease the garbage bill at your office, business or apartment building?

If you’re paying to dispose of materials that could be recycled or composted, call or email us for a free site visit. We’ll help you maximize your savings by determining what services are right for your business.

All Napa businesses, along with multifamily apartment complexes and schools, are eligible for annual awards given to the best recyclers. City awards include cash prizes. Make your sure recycling program is working the best it can, and you could be one of next year’s winners!

Mandatory Commercial Recycling & Composting
As part of California’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach a 75% recycling rate, recycling is mandatory for all businesses and apartment complexes. In Napa, we make it easy for your business! Call now to begin or improve your recycling program!  Visit our Mandatory Commercial Recycling page to learn more.

Composting is also mandatory. Learn about the Commercial Organics Recycling Law. Our food composting program will help your business divert material from the landfill to our local composting facility!

Tours & Presentations
What happens to your recyclables and compostables after you put them in your curbside carts?

Napa is at the forefront of recycling and our customers are largely responsible for that. We invite your organization, business or school to take a tour and see our recycling and composting facility firsthand. We are also available for presentations about the economic and environmental benefits of recycling. Tours and presentations are available to all ages.


Business garbage rates are based on the size and frequency of service. Garbage collection is available in a variety of size containers — including carts (35, 65, or 95 gallon), bins (1.5 to 6 yards), debris boxes and compactors. Here are the dimensions of the different cart sizes. Please call (707) 255-5200 for more info or to sign up for service.

View our rates for City of Napa (NRWS) customers (effective January 1, 2022).

View our rates for Napa County (NCRWS) customers (effective October 1, 2023).

Please see our Bill Pay page for information on how to pay your bill.

Insufficient Funds: Any payment returned to us for insufficient funds will be subjected to a bad debt fee not to exceed $25.00 per returned check or as adjusted periodically in the Master Fee Schedule adopted by the Napa City Council.

Vacation Credit Policy: Residential and Commercial customers are eligible for vacation credit one (1) time each calendar year. You must request a minimum of two (2) weeks of continuous stop of service. You must notify us at least one week before the vacation stop occurs. We will credit you for a vacation period of a minimum of two (2) weeks to a maximum of three (3) months. For any stop request that exceeds three (3) months, the contractor will arrange to pick up carts and will reinstate service upon notification.

Service Deposit Requirement to Start or Restart Service

Cart/Toter Service: $60.00 (commercial)

Drop Box Service: First box requires 100% payment in advance, subsequent boxes require 50% of service fee. A credit card # can be provided in lieu of payment.

Bin Service: 50% of service fee