California Expands Drug Takeback Program

pills on orange background

Keeping old medicine in the home can be problematic. It’s proven to increase illegal consumption by undesignated users, both accidentally and recreationally. Improperly disposing medicine in the trash can also lead to illicit usage, while flushing it risks polluting our water systems. Traces of pharmaceuticals are already being found in streams and tap water across the county.

So what can you do with unwanted medications? That’s easy: properly dispose of it at any of over 300 designated disposal locations across California.

Thanks to a recent partnership between the California Product Stewardship Council, National Stewardship Action Council, and voluntary actions of over 13 local municipalities and grocery stores, there are many new safe take-back locations for California residents. The partnership known as the California Drug Take-Back Program has expanded for the disposal of unused or unwanted medication to more than 300 sites across the state!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Remove pills from bottle or other container.
  2. Keep creams and liquids in original containers and remove or cover your name and other sensitive information.
  3. Bring pills in a zipper bag and any liquids/creams to a location on the map (below) and place in the proper bin.

Check out the map below to find a convenient location near you. More information about the program, including what you can and cannot include, can be found at