Can’t Recycle, Can Reuse!

Got plastic packaging that you can’t recycle? What to do?

Check with local shipping stores that accept packing materials for reuse. Please note acceptable items may change. Call store directly for up-to-date info.

Cartons and Crates
3250 California Blvd | (707) 224-7447

Buffalo Shipping Post
2471 Solano Avenue | 707-226-7942

All American Mail Center
1370 Trancas Avenue | 707-255-7595

UPS Store
4225 Solano | 707-258-2454

Tip: If you are shipping, you can avoid messy and wasteful foam and plastic film packaging by packing instead with reused newspaper, cornstarch peanuts or other earth-friendly methods.

Reuse! It’s one step better than recycling.