Egg-cellent Natural Dyes for Your Easter Eggs

easter eggs

Coloring some eggs for Easter this year? The fewer chemicals we consume, the fewer chemicals end up in our environment and bodies, so here’s some info on how to skip chemical dyes and make the switch to natural.

If you want to do natural dyes the easy way, look for plant-based dye at the grocery store, box store or online. It’s no longer hard to find!

Here’s how you know if the dyes you’re looking at are really natural:

  • They will contain ingredients that are the names of plants or plant extracts, such as beet juice, spirulina or turmeric.
  • They won’t contain any ingredients that are the names of primary colors, such as red, blue or yellow. These are called FD&C colors and they are synthetic, man-made dyes.

If you want to get even more into natural Easter egg dyes, make your own! Watch this video from Kitchn to learn how, or check out their written recipes.

And don’t forget: Whether you’re going with real eggs or plastic eggs this Easter, remember to look up proper disposal instructions in our Recycling Guide.


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