Cereal Bags & Box Liners

Alternative ways to recycle
Plastic Bag Drop-Off or Landfill Cart
tearing paper

Tears Like Paper? Not Recyclable

If a cereal box liner tears like paper, then it isn’t made from plastic #2, and it cannot be recycled with plastic bags. Either reuse it or throw it in the trash.

cereal bread crumbs

Empty the Crumbs

When recycling plastic bags, they should always be clean of all food, so dump the crumbs out of your cereal bag before recycling.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


TerraCycle Malt-O-Meal® Cereal Bag Recycling Program

Recycle plastic cereal bags and box liners for free through this program. Drop off items or mail them into TerraCycle with a free shipping label. Learn more about the Malt-O-Meal recycling program.

Ways to Reuse

dipped strawberries on wax paper

Wax Paper Substitute

Plastic cereal bags work well as wax paper for tasks like separating burger patties, rolling out cookie dough or pie crusts, and drying chocolate-dipped candies.