Nursery Containers

Alternative ways to recycle
Recycling Cart

Clean rigid plastic pots and trays can go your recycling cart. The flimsy, flexible black plastic starter packs and trays go in the landfill cart. 

Ceramic plant containers do not belong in the recycling (ceramics in general are not recyclable) – if your ceramic pot is broken or not reusable, please put it into your landfill cart.

Check with local garden centers to see if they accept plant pots and trays for reuse.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


Return to Lowe’s Garden Center

Return used nursery containers, plastic trays and tags to a Lowe’s Garden Center. Lowe’s will accept these containers for recycling, regardless of where you purchased them.

Ways to Reuse


Start New Plants

Nursery containers can be used to start seeds, grow divisions from larger plants, and transport seedlings.