Compost (Yard Trimmings) Cart

Straw accessories such as hats, baskets and bags are often not really straw, but rather are made of synthetic materials like plastic.

If you have an item that is painted or made of synthetic straw, please do not put this in the compost – donate it or toss it in the garbage.


Loose Hay Is Yard Waste

Loose or leftover hay from a hay bale can be treated as yard waste. Find out what to do with yard waste.

Ways to Reduce

Don't Just Toss It — Fix It

If your basket or hat has a hole or few pieces missing, you can repair it instead of trading it in for a new item. Follow these instructions from SFGATE to learn how.

Ways to Reuse


Turn Old Baskets Into Planters

Old baskets can be repurposed to make cute planters.

Costume Props

Straw hats, skirts and other accessories make great props. Consider using them for a themed party, photobooth or donating them to a local theater program.