LESS = Lighting, Efficiency and Safety Stewardship

Fluorescent bulbs are up to four times more efficient than incandescent bulbs and last up to ten times as long. It’s important to switch to more efficient lighting because of the energy you can save, but spent fluorescents must be recycled properly…do not throw in the trash! Please note that LED bulbs do not contain mercury and can be disposed of in the regular trash when they finally burn out.

Why is disposal in the trash ILLEGAL? Improper disposal can cause mercury to be be released into the air, water and soil—posing a risk to public health and environment.

To learn more: www.lamprecycle.org or naparecycling.com/guide/light-bulbs-fluorescent-cfl

Lámparas fluorescentes son hasta cuarto veces más eficientes y duran hasta diez veces más que las lámparas incandescentes tradicionales.

Es importante cambiar a lámparas fluorescentes por el ahorro de energía, pero deben ser recicladas apropiadamente cuando se funden… ¡no las deseches en la basura! Por favor nota que lámparas LED no tienen mercurio y puede desecharlos en la basura cuando se funden.

¿Por qué es ilegal desechar en la basura? Eliminación incorrecta puede causar mercurio ser liberado en el aire, el agua y el suelo, representando un riesgo para la salud pública y el medio ambient.

OVER THE PAST 9.5 YEARS, several Napa stores have voluntarily accepted fluorescent lamps from the public at no charge in the “LESS” RECYCLING PROGRAM. Over 52,000 compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and 50,000 fluorescent tubes have been collected, shipped and recycled by LESS retail partners. Thanks for keeping these mercury-containing lamps and tubes out of landfills…keep up the good work Napa!

Recycle Fluorescent Lamps and Tubes Here

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