Use Rechargeable Batteries and Save!

Rechargeable batteries have improved dramatically over the past few years. Now there are several different kinds to provide the best match for various types of uses.

Save Money – While rechargeable batteries cost more initially, they can be reused hundreds of times and last for years. Even better, rechargeable batteries’ performance is superior to disposable batteries for many uses.

Save Resources – Batteries contain corrosive materials and heavy metals so in California they cannot be disposed of in a landfill. They must be either recycled or handled as hazardous waste. Using rechargeable batteries greatly reduces the number of batteries that must be disposed of.

Best Uses for Rechargeable Batteries – Rechargeable batteries are a great choice for most frequently-used devices such as wireless mice/ keyboards, toys, telephone headsets, cameras, calculators, remote controls, and regular flashlights.

Rechargeable batteries are not a good choice for emergency equipment such as emergency flashlights and radios, and emergency medical devices because they keep a steady power level throughout their charge until depleted, then drop precipitously.

Remember to match recharging equipment to the specific types of batteries used.