Bill Pay

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Visit our new and improved Napa Payment Center!

Stop by the Napa Payment Center at 598 Lincoln Ave. NRWS & NCRWS customers can make bill payments, sign up for services, and get additional recycling information. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm.


Customers may pay their monthly bill in the following convenient ways:

  • Online Bill Pay -Visa & MasterCard accepted.  If you receive your statement electronically, you will still receive the monthly bill inserts electronically with your statement…and you can also see them on our  Bill Insert page.  Please allow 1-2 business days for online payments to be posted to the account.

  • Cash, check or credit card at our Napa Payment Center, 598 Lincoln Ave (Contact info)

  • Credit card by phone (please no payments by fax)

  • Check or money order by mail:

    City of Napa customers:
      Napa County customers:
    (acct # starts with “02”) (acct # starts with “13”)
    City of Napa MDF Collections NCRWS
    PO Box 51015 PO Box 187
    Los Angeles, CA 90051-5315 Rodeo, CA 94572

    At any time during the year, a residential customer may make a lump sum payment for 12 months of service and receive a 5% discount.

    If you pay your bill electronically, please remember to update the information to reflect your NRWS/NCRWS account number and mailing address.

    Click here for specific billing information : NRWS  NCRWS


    We have noticed that there are businesses remitting our customers’ payments owed for waste collection services. These businesses collect from the customer the amount owed on the invoice and charge an additional fee for remitting the invoiced amount to us. Please be advised that we do not endorse, authorize or approve this practice. These businesses do not always inform us of which account to apply the payments, and they sometimes provide incorrect account information, making it impossible for us to properly credit your account. Any errors intentional misconduct, miscommunication, lack of communication or other problems arising from the use of such businesses are at your risk.

    Why take a chance and why pay more? Use one of the convenient payment options described above.

    Other Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I sign up for automatic payments?
    A:   You can sign up for automatic credit card or e-check payments, as well as sign up for electronic statements and reminders, through our online bill pay system (above). Please contact our office with any questions.

    QWhere do I mail payments?
    A:  Please send payments to the address on your billing statement – the addresses are also listed above.  If you pay your bill through your bank, please remember to update the information to reflect the address.

    Q:  On NRWS bills, why do I make my check to “City of Napa MDF Collections” or “NRWS – Collections?”
    A:  “City of Napa – MDF Collections” and “NRWS – Collections” refer to the COLLECTION of recycling, compost, and trash. You were not sent to a collection agency. We apologize for any confusion.

    QCan I pay my bill in person at any locations in Napa?
    A:  Yes, all NRWS and NCRWS customers can make payments in person at our Napa Payment Center at 598 Lincoln Ave. Customers can also sign up for automatic or one-time online payments on the link above. Call (707) 255-5200 for more information.

    QAs an NRWS customer, what happens if I pass a bad check?
    A:  Please be careful – because this may now cost you three times as much. The Napa City Council recently adopted a new policy resolution that allows the City of Napa to penalize any person who passes a check on insufficient funds the equivalent of three times the amount of the check if the City is compelled to bring the check issuer to court.The Napa Municipal Code, the California Civil Code, and the Uniform Commercial Code provide that the new penalty schedule shall be as follows:
    1.  Not to exceed $25 for the first offense;
    2.  Not to exceed $35 for the subsequent offense; and
    3.  Up to three times the amount of the check with certified demand for payment. For example: If your garbage bill is  $50 and you issued a $50 bad check, you can be penalized $50 x 3 = $150.00.If you have any question or clarification on this new policy resolution, please call the City’s main Revenue Collection Division at (707) 257-9508 for assistance.

            QI have multiple accounts linked to the same password – how do I update the password for all accounts?

            A:  You can update passwords in our bill pay system – please note that if you have more than one account linked to your sign on, you must update each individual account password in order to maintain the link.


            QHow do I sign up for garbage/recycling/compost service?

            A:  To sign up for service, please call 707 255-5200 or stop by our office.  Once service is set up, you can pay your bill online.