Got Drugs?

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Turn in your unused or expired medication!

We offer the public an opportunity to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous, expired, unused, and unwanted
prescription drugs. The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked.

Saturday, Oct 23, 2021
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Kaiser Permanente
3285 Claremont Way • East Parking Lot, Napa

Napa Sheriff’s Office
1535 Airport Blvd • by Napa County Airport

Yountville Sheriff’s Office
1950 Mulberry St • Yountville


Residential Syringes / Sharps accepted Sharps must be in puncture resistant containers

Missed the event? You can take your residential meds & sharps (no controlled substances allowed) to:

Household Hazardous Waste Facility
889A Devlin Road, American Cyn
800-984-9661; Every Fri & Sat 9am–4pm


Entrega tu medicamento expirado o no usado

Nosotros ofrecemos al público este oportunidad para prevenir el abuso y robo de pastillas mediante la eliminación de drogas potencialmente peligrosas, vencidas, no utilizadas, y no deseadas dentro de las casas. Este servicio es gratis y anónimo, sin preguntas.

Sábado, 23 de octubre de 2020
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Kaiser Permanente
3285 Claremont Way • Oeste Estacionamento, Napa

Napa Sheriff’s Office
1535 Airport Blvd • Aeropuerto del Condado de Napa

Yountville Sheriff’s Office
1950 Mulberry St • Yountville

Se aceptan jeringas de uso residential, entregadas un recipiente resistente a perforación

¿No puedes ir, o te perdiste el evento?

Centro de Recolección de Desechos Peligrosos (No Sustancias Controladas)
889A Devlin Road, American Cyn; 800-984-9661;
Abierto cada Viernes y Sábado de 9am-4pm

Free Mattress Recycling

Individuals can drop off mattresses and box springs at the Devlin Road Transfer Station. One set (mattress and box spring) will be accepted at no charge. Please note that customers with loads of multiple mattresses will be charged the regular gate fee.

Why recycle mattresses?

Mattresses and box springs are bulky and difficult to transport, and public access to inexpensive recycling opportunities is very limited, so illegal dumping of mattresses is a widespread problem.

What happens to mattresses and box springs after they are dropped off for recycling?

The mattresses and box springs are diverted from landfills, disassembled at mattress recycling facilities and used to make other useful products like carpet
padding, insulation, new steel, oil filters and mulch.

More info can be found here or

Can’t haul the mattress? NRWS/NCRWS picks them up at the curb with our bulky item service. Fees apply; call 255-5200 for details.

Are You Prepared For Winter?

What homeowners should know before a flood occurs

If you live in a flood-prone area, take proactive measures to protect your home and your valuables:

  • Take pictures of your valuables for insurance inventory
  • Store your important documents in a waterproof container
  • Create digital versions and save them on a secure drive
  • Keep your valuables (e.g. keepsakes & family photos) out of the basement so they’re not in danger of flood water
  • Consider installing “check valves” in your home and sealing the walls in your basement
  • Raise your utilities (electrical panels, water heater, furnace, etc) above the base flood elevation
  • Keep your sump pump in working order with a battery backup
  • Keep a supply of sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting or lumber to protect your home and valuables from flooding
  • Get flood insurance so you’re protected against the damages of a flood
  • Utilities are the #1 reason that people have to pay out of pocket because the claims are less than or equal to the deductible
  • If you remodeled your basement – discuss with your insurance agent to be sure your improvements are covered
  • Sign up for local weather alerts

  • Learn about your flood risk and the floodplain in your area at

City of Napa Flood Contact Information

Public Information Hotline

Public Works Department

This information is only a portion of what you need to be prepared; for more information and resources, visit and

Halloween Costume Exchange

Respook. Rewear. Rescare!

Let’s make Halloween Eek-o-Friendly with the return of our Costume Exchange!

The City of Napa will redistribute donated costumes at events pre-Halloween and next Halloween!

Costume Drop-Off Locations (October 8th – November 17th) 

 City of Napa, Las Flores Community Center
4300 Linda Vista Ave 
*** in the lobby area ***


Community Costume Exchange Rack Locations

Napa Farmers Market – TUESDAYS! 
1100 West Street, Parking lot X
*** in the City of Napa’s Recycling Booth! ***

City of Napa, Utilities Department 
1700 Second Street, Suite 100
*** in the lobby area ***

Napa County Library 
580 Coombs St, Napa, CA 94559
*** in the children’s area ***

Napa County Health & Human Services
2751 Napa Valley Corporate Dr, 94558
*** in the Provisions Cafe, Building B from 8 am – 2 pm ***


America Recycles Day 
Sunday, November 13th 
Redwood Plaza Parking Lot, in front of Grocery Outlet 
10 am – 2 pm


Email or call Kendra Bruno at the City of Napa: (707) 258-7864 

More Halloween Tips… 

Done with that jack-o’-lantern?  Don’t forget to compost those pumpkins!

Candy wrappers are not recyclable – please put them in the landfill cart.

Have other questions about what goes where this Halloween season?  Check out our Recycling Guide above for all your answers!

Habitat for Humanity

We bring people together to build decent, affordable homes & empower families through home ownership!

Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore sells new & gently used home improvement items to the public at 50-90% off retail. New inventory daily!

  • Cabinets
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Hardware / tools
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Millwork / trim
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Sporting goods
  • Exercise equipment
  • Home furnishings
  • Seasonal and specialty items

90% of the proceeds from ReStore sales stay in our communities, helping to rehabilitate and build homes in Napa and Solano Counties.

Have a donation?
Call 863-0692 for free pickup.

Remodeling Your Home or Office?

Help people in need & send less to the landfill by taking advantage of Restore Deconstruction Services!

To learn more about this exciting new program call 707-422-1948

After a FREE consultation to approve and schedule your deconstruction project, Habitat for Humanity crews carefully remove items such as kitchen cabinets, appliances, lighting fixtures, sinks, tubs, toilets, etc in your home or business before a remodel or tear down. All services are FREE. The items are sold at Habitat’s ReStore in Fairfield.

  • Homeowner gets a tax deduction for the donation of materials
  • Contractors reduce labor and disposal costs
  • Everyone benefits because fewer resources are wasted in landfills and all proceeds support Habitat’s mission to build affordable homes & empower families through home ownership.

ReStore volunteers are always welcome and those with skills that can support deconstruction projects are particularly needed. See the volunteer tab on the website.

Napa County Coastal Cleanup



Napa County Coastal Cleanup
September 18, 2021

VOLUNTEERS are needed to clean up Napa County’s streets & creeks!

COASTAL CLEANUP DAY is a statewide and international effort to clean trash and debris from beaches, bays, creeks, rivers, and lakes.

In 2020, 141 residents did their own Coastal Cleanup Day, removing 632 pounds of trash and recycling from Napa’s waterways.

That’s a little short of the 561 volunteers we had in 2019, so this year we’re working to safely bring more of you to multiple sites throughout Napa County.

We have locations stretching from Calistoga and Berryessa all the way down the valley into American Canyon.

Come out and help us keep Napa clean!

Reduce plastic bag waste—bring your own bucket, box, or bin for litter collection. If you have reusable gloves and a trash grabber, bring those, too!

All ages are welcome to participate.

Please register in advance.

For more details and to register:


Email or call (707) 690-3117

Canned Food Drive

extra food


September is Hunger Action Month!

Napa Recycling & Waste Services is sponsoring a CANNED FOOD DRIVE in association with the Napa Food Bank.

Your donation of canned goods helps feed less fortunate individuals, seniors and children throughout the year.


  • Pasta products
  • Canned veggies, no/low salt
  • Canned fruit, in natural juice
  • Canned bean products
  • Cereal, low sugar content
  • Other canned or non-perishable food items

Sorry, we cannot accept glass, outdated canned goods, open containers, homemade items, or perishable food. Please empty expired or inedible
food into your compost cart.

Please place your donation in a separate bag next to your recycling cart by 6am on your normal service day from Sept 13th–17th, 2021.


One of our recycling drivers will cheerfully collect your donation.

Individuals who would like to support the Napa Food Bank are also welcome to make monetary donations at their office or send tax-deductible contributions to:

Napa Valley Food Bank
1766 Industrial Way
Napa, CA 94558
(707) 253-6128
or visit

Thank you for your donation and support of those less fortunate.

Regeneration Napa

Did you know reducing waste helps fight climate waste helps fight climate change?

Join the Regeneration Napa Challenge to learn easy ways to:

  • Reduce your waste;
  • Save money;
  • Discover your carbon footprint; and
  • Join your community in creating a safer and healthier future!


  • Go Paperless!
  • Compost Food Scraps!
  • Ditch Plastics!

Visit today to learn more!

No Time To Waste!

40% of food in the USA goes uneaten, with most ending up rotting in landfills creating methane gas!

Become a Food Donor to Fight Napa Valley Food Insecurity

Donating unsold, surplus food is easy with ChowMatch, the Feeding it Forward web application tool.

For more info visit:

For other ways to donate food to reduce food waste, a complete listing of local food resources is available on the Feeding it Forward website.

NV CanDo has partnered with The Food Bank for the Napa Food Project,
for coordinating “green bag” pickups.

To participate in the Napa Food Project, as a food donor or neighborhood coordinator, simply sign-up at:

Learn more here.

The Good Samaritan Act (Public Law 104-210) protects you from liability when donating food.