Flip the Lid Audits


To comply with state recycling law SB 1383, residents and businesses must place compostable and recyclable materials in the appropriate carts and bins.

State regulations require that we periodically inspect customer carts and bins. During our inspections, we’ll check the landfill, recycling, and compost carts and bins to see whether customers are placing the correct materials into them.

You may see our staff conducting these “flip-the-lid” inspections in your neighborhood soon. If we note any contamination problems, we’ll let you know, and provide educational information to make things clear.


For more info, please contact Napa Recycling & Waste Services at 707-255-5200 or visit our website at www.naparecycling.com

No FOG Down the Drain

FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) can cause clogged sewer lines, leading to sewage overflows that contaminate our homes, streets, and creeks. Helping to prevent sewer overflows and back-ups is easy. Just follow these tips below!

  • Never pour fat, oil or grease down the drain.
  • Don’t put food scraps down the garbage disposal. Put them in the compost instead.
  • Collect fat and grease in a compostable container and put it in your compost pail.
  • Wipe greasy pots and pans with paper towels before washing, and then compost the paper towels.
  • Recycle your cooking oil through Napa’s free curbside Recycle More program! Sign up here or call (707) 255-5200. Your used cooking oil will be recycled into biodiesel!
  • Visit NapaSan’s booth at the Napa Farmers Market on June 22nd, July 27th and August 24th for a FREE grease scraper and compostable grease container! For more info, call 707-258-6000.

Give your sewers a break and cease the grease! Learn more at www.NapaSan.com.

Hazardous Waste Collection Facility for Safe Disposal

The Hazardous Waste Collection Facility is for safe and legal disposal of UNUSABLE or UNWANTED hazardous products.

Please remember to pack products carefully so they won’t mix or spill. Transport in trunk if possible.

The facility accepts all types of hazardous waste except: Radioactives • Explosives • Ammunition.

For highway safety, there is a legal limit of 15 gallons or 125 pounds of hazardous waste per trip. (50 lb. max for treated wood waste).

Directions HERE


HOUSEHOLDS: No appointment required / No charge Napa County & City of Vallejo households only.

BUSINESSES: Napa County businesses that generate less than 220 lbs. or 27 gal. of hazardous waste per month may be eligible to use the “Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator” program at the collection facility. There is a charge for this service. Call (800) 984-9661 for information & appointment.



✔ Buy the right product for the job.

✔ Buy only as much as you can use up.

✔ Store products properly so they don’t become unusable.

✔ Choose the least toxic product.


Smoke detectors are now accepted at the Hazardous Waste Facility!

See our smoke detector page for details.

Protect public health and the environment.

Motor oil, oil filters, latex paint, auto batteries and antifreeze can be recycled EVERY DAY at many locations. Check the RECYCLE GUIDE for details.

Common Hazardous Waste: Pool Chemicals • Cosmetics • Fungicides • Insecticides • Paint Thinner & Strippers • Wood Preservatives • Grease & Rust Solvents • Wood & Metal Cleaners • Glues & Cements • Carburetor Cleaners • Latex & Oil-Based Paints • Fluorescent Lamps/Tubes • Small Propane Tanks • Gasoline & Fuel Additives • Drain Openers • Pesticides • Contaminated Soil • Used Motor Oil & Oil Filters • Auto Batteries • Asbestos • Antifreeze • Transmission Fluids • Herbicides • Medications • Oven Cleaners • Photo Chemicals • Polishes & Cleaners • Syringes • Household Batteries • Smoke Detectors • Treated Wood


Recycling Leadership Awards

 Congratulations to our JD Fullner Recycling Leadership 2023 Award Winners!


  • Yak and Yeti
  • Winston’s Cafe and Bakery
  • Imola Cafe
  • Archer Hotel
  • The Dutch Door
  • Stanly Ranch
  • CIA at Copia
  • Napa Nuts
  • Las Palmas
  • Vichy Elementary School
  • Stone Bridge School
  • Bob Bradley Construction


  • Hyde Vineyards Estate
  • Gott’s Kitchen

Clean Your Carts with Care and Consideration

Even with normal use, your compost, landfill and recycling carts might need periodic cleaning to minimize pests and reduce odors. 

The gutters along our streets lead to storm drains that flow untreated directly to local creeks and waterways.

When disposed of improperly, materials found in cart cleaning wash water, such as bacteria, dirt, and soapy water can be harmful to water quality and creek habitats.

Wash water should never be discharged directly to a street, gutter, parking lot, driveway, or storm drain.

Visit www.streetstocreeks.org for more information on storm water pollution prevention.

Here’s how you can clean your carts with care and consideration:

  • Locate a spot in your yard that can absorb the cleaning wash water. Areas such as gravel, grass, or landscaped areas are usually good options as long as they do not have any storm drains nearby.
  • Scoop out any loose debris from the cart and dispose of it separately.
  • Rinse the cart with clean water, preferably using a pressure nozzle to ensure thorough cleaning.
  • Apply cleaner to the cart and allow it time to work. Follow the manufacturers recommendations on how long cleaner
    should be active. Consider using EPA Safer Choice certified products for environmentally friendly options.
  • Once the cleaner has loosened buildup, rinse the cart thoroughly. Some carts might require additional application of cleaner to fully clean. Ensure that the cleaner is fully rinsed from the cart, as residue might cause additional buildup over time.
  • Allow the carts to dry completely before using them again.

You can also check out our Curbside Food Composting page for more tips on keeping your compost cart clean.

Climate-Friendly Garden Tour

Climate-Friendly Garden Tour


Saturday, May 18, 2024, 10 am to 4 pm

$5 per Adult / Free for Kids

Napa’s Climate Friendly Garden tour features 11 beautiful local gardens that provide inspiration for creating your own resource-efficient landscaping.

-Vibrant landscapes that are climate-smart and water-wise

-Mini-workshops held at select sites throughout the day

-Free compost giveaway at Las Flores Community Center!


Purchase Tour Guide Brochure at NapaRCD.org/GardenTour2024 or on tour date at Las Flores Community Center, 4300 Linda Vista Avenue, Napa

Free Curbside Oil Recycling + Motor Oil & Filter Collection Sites

Motor oil never wears out — it just gets dirty. It can be recycled over and over!

So, you probably already know that the only legal way to dispose of used oil and oil filters is to recycle them…but did you know that they can be picked up for free?

If you have residential curbside service you can request a free oil container and zip-lock filter bag from Napa Recycling: 707-255-5200.

You can also drop off motor oil at various collection sites throughout Napa County.

Thanks for recycling your used motor oil! But you didn’t finish the job if you threw the filter away. Filters are made from steel that can be recycled too!

Only motor oil is accepted in the curbside jug. Filters should be placed next to the jug in a tightly sealed leak-proof bag.

Other automotive fluids must be kept separate and recycled at drop-off locations – see Motor Oil & Filters for more details.

Used Motor Oil Recycling Locations 2024

Curbside Food Composting


  • Reduce moisture and odors in your pail or cart by adding soiled or shredded paper, or by wrapping your food scraps in newspaper. You can also freeze your food scraps and then put them in the cart on collection day.
  • Avoid odors, mold, and insects by washing your compost cart and pail regularly (the pail is dishwasher safe, but the label may not survive). When rinsing your cart, please dump the dirty water out on a lawn or other vegetated/dirt area and not in the street/storm drains.
  • Keep your compost pail clean by using a 2.6 or 3 gallon compostable bag liner. Various local stores and online vendors sell certified compostable bags.
  • Need a compost pail for daily collection of kitchen scraps? Contact us at (707) 255-5200 or [email protected] — or reuse any appropriately-sized container that you have at home.
  • Sprinkle baking soda, or pour vinegar or a bit of boiling salted water, inside your compost pail or cart. Citrus, mint, basil, rosemary and lavender (leaves or essential oils) can also help repel bugs.
  • Store your cart in a shaded area if possible, and make sure to keep the lid closed.
  • Place your compost cart out for service every week (even if it’s not full).
  • Don’t have many yard trimmings, but still want to compost food scraps? Just contact Customer Service at 255-5200 or [email protected] to order a smaller 35-gallon compost cart.
  • Napa’s Truly Clean Bins also offers regular steam cleaning services of residential and commercial carts/bins.

Click here for detailed information on the program, including a list of accepted items.

Reduce landfill waste by composting all your food scraps!