Napa Recycling & Waste Services and Napa County Recycling & Waste Services are local full-service companies with parent companies that have served the region for over a century. We are happy to provide the City of Napa and Napa County with efficient, economical & sustainable services.

Napa Recycling works together with the City of Napa, Napa County and our customers to:

  • Offer recycling and composting services to all our residents & businesses
  • Reduce air pollution with the use trucks that run on compressed natural gas
  • Increase recycling and decrease garbage bills through business waste assessments
  • Increase recycling and composting opportunities at special events in Napa County
  • Be involved in the local community
  • Produce organic compost from Napa’s yard trimmings, food scraps & grape pomace
  • Reach towards a Zero Waste Napa

Find more information about the Napa Recycling & Composting Facility and Devlin Road Transfer Station, including our drop-off rates.

Here’s the City of Napa’s Recycling & Solid Waste Division page, including a link to our current City of Napa contract

Here’s the Napa County Recycling & Waste Reduction page, including a link to our current Napa County contract.

See a map of our service area (PDF).

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Our Sister Companies

Our Partner Companies

  • Upper Valley Disposal & Recycling recycles and collects waste material from Yountville, St. Helena, Calistoga, unincorporated areas of the Upper Napa Valley and parts of Lake County, and are a pioneer in the composting industry.
  • Marin Sanitary Service is one of the country’s leading recycling firms, servicing much of Marin County.
  • Mount Diablo Resource Recovery provides recycling and disposal services to Concord and other communities in Contra Costa and Solano Counties.