Napa Recycling & Waste Services and Napa County Recycling & Waste Services are local full-service companies with parent companies that have served the region for over a century. We are happy to provide all of the City of Napa and southern unincorporated Napa County with efficient, economical & sustainable services.

Napa Recycling works together with the City of Napa, Napa County and our customers to:

  • Offer recycling and composting services to all our customers
  • Reduce air pollution with the use of eight trucks that run on compressed natural gas
  • Increase recycling and decrease garbage bills through business waste assessments
  • Increase recycling opportunities at special events in Napa County
  • Be involved in the local community
  • Produce organic compost from Napa’s yard waste, food scraps & grape pomace
  • Reach towards a Zero Waste Napa

Find more information about our Napa and Devlin facilities, including our drop-off rates.

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Our Sister Companies

Our Trash & Recycling

Trash from the Cities of Vallejo, Napa and American Canyon and southern unincorporated Napa County is brought to the Devlin Road Recycling & Transfer Facility, where it is loaded into trucks and sent to Potrero Hills Landfill in Suisun (Solano County).

When NRWS took over DRRTF operation in 2007, a mixed construction & demolition (C&D) processing area was added in the outdoor area of the facility. DRRTF staff now sort mixed loads of C&D and self haul materials in order to capture more recyclable material, such as wood, carpet, plastics and metal.

NRWS also recycles mattresses and box springs. In addition, reusable items are pulled aside and sent to St. Vincent de Paul in Eugene, Oregon.

Carpet is sorted and shipped for processing into new carpet, carpet padding, plastic lumber, car parts and additional recycled plastic items. Carpet pad is recycled into new carpet padding.