Christmas Tree Recycling

christmas_tree*Recycle your old Christmas lights at our Napa office in December and January.*  Click here for year-round options.

The annual Napa Valley District Boy Scouts Christmas Tree Pickup and Recycling Day comes to Napa on Saturday, January 5th, 2019.

Please have your tree on the curb by 9:00am on Saturday morning.  Please DO NOT set out your tree earlier in the week, since tree collection will not take place until Saturday.

  • Trees must be free of ornaments, nails, tinsel, stands, and metal spikes.  All are contaminants or safety hazards.
  • A voluntary donation of $10 per tree is suggested and appreciated.  Please do not leave money on the tree!
  • Boy Scouts will come to your door.  Please leave a check made out to “Boy Scouts of America” in an envelope at your door.

Please note:  Customers in Napa County who miss the January Boy Scout tree pickup may place their tree out for collection on their normal service day beginning the following Monday.  Please follow the above tree preparation guidelines and cut trees over 8′ in half.  Flocked trees are accepted.  Wreaths, pumpkins, and other holiday greenery go in the compost cart.

At our Napa Recycling and Composting Facility, we turn all your holiday greenery into compost, mulch or fuel for renewable energy.

Real or fake…are you wondering what’s the greener option?  Check out this article and this blog posting. Click here for all your holiday waste reduction tips.