Are You Prepared For Winter?

What homeowners should know before a flood occurs:

If you live in a flood-prone area, take proactive measures to protect your home and your valuables:

  • Take pictures of your valuables for insurance inventory
  • Store your important documents in a waterproof container
  • Create digital versions and save them on a secure drive
  • Keep your valuables (e.g. keepsakes & family photos) out of the basement so they’re not in danger of flood water

  • Consider installing “check valves” in your home and sealing the walls in your basement
  • Raise your utilities (electrical panels, water heater, furnace, etc) above the base flood elevation
  • Keep your sump pump in working order with a battery backup
  • Keep a supply of sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting or lumber to protect your home and valuables from flooding

  • Get flood insurance so you’re protected against the damages of a flood
  • Utilities are the #1 reason that people have to pay out of pocket because the claims are less than or equal to the deductible
  • If you remodeled your basement – discuss with your insurance agent to be sure your improvements are covered

  • Sign up for local weather alerts

  • Learn about your flood risk and the floodplain in your area at

City of Napa Flood Contact Information:

Public Information Hotline

Public Works Department

This information is only a portion of what you need to be prepared; for more information and resources, visit and