Curbside Food Composting


  • Reduce moisture and odors in your pail or cart by adding soiled or shredded paper, or by wrapping your food scraps in newspaper. You can also freeze your food scraps and then put them in the cart on collection day.
  • Avoid odors, mold, and insects by washing your compost cart and pail regularly (the pail is dishwasher safe, but the label may not survive). When rinsing your cart, please dump the dirty water out on a lawn or other vegetated/dirt area and not in the street/storm drains.
  • Keep your compost pail clean by using a 2.6 or 3 gallon compostable bag liner. Various local stores and online vendors sell certified compostable bags.
  • Need a compost pail for daily collection of kitchen scraps? Contact us at (707) 255-5200 or [email protected] — or reuse any appropriately-sized container that you have at home.
  • Sprinkle baking soda, or pour vinegar or a bit of boiling salted water, inside your compost pail or cart. Citrus, mint, basil, rosemary and lavender (leaves or essential oils) can also help repel bugs. 
  • Store your cart in a shaded area if possible, and make sure to keep the lid closed.
  • Place your compost cart out for service every week (even if it’s not full).
  • Don’t have many yard trimmings, but still want to compost food scraps? Just contact Customer Service at 255-5200 or [email protected] to order a smaller compost cart.
  • Napa’s Truly Clean Bins also offers regular steam cleaning services of residential and commercial carts/bins.

Click here for detailed information on the program, including a list of accepted items.

Reduce landfill waste by composting all your food scraps!