Free Curbside Oil Recycling + Motor Oil & Filter Collection Sites

Motor oil never wears out — it just gets dirty. It can be recycled over and over!

So, you probably already know that the only legal way to dispose of used oil and oil filters is to recycle them…but did you know that they can be picked up for free?

If you have residential curbside service you can request a free oil container and zip-lock filter bag from Napa Recycling: 707-255-5200.

You can also drop off motor oil at various collection sites throughout Napa County.

Thanks for recycling your used motor oil! But you didn’t finish the job if you threw the filter away. Filters are made from steel that can be recycled too!

Only motor oil is accepted in the curbside jug. Filters should be placed next to the jug in a tightly sealed leak-proof bag.

Other automotive fluids must be kept separate and recycled at drop-off locations – see Motor Oil & Filters for more details.

Used Motor Oil Recycling Locations 2024