Don’t Trash the Bike Lane

  • Putting a cart in the bike lane is just like placing it in the middle of the street — so DON’T
  • Carts set in bike lanes or sidewalks block routes to schools, forcing students and others into vehicle traffic
  • It’s not only unsafe, it’s illegal (CVC 21211 (b))
  • You can receive a citation if you place a cart in a bike lane
  • The City of Napa ranks sixth worst in the state for fatal and injury collisions (OTS Crash Rankings Result, 2019)

Proper placement of carts is one simple way you can help improve traffic safety:

  • Place at least 2 feet away from other carts and 4–6 feet from other objects (e.g. cars, trees)
  • Carts can be placed in front of your driveway if there is no room in front of the curb
  • All items must be placed in the cart
  • When your cart is full, set it out by 6am on your service day
  • Lid opening should face the street
  • Carts should be removed from the curb as soon as possible after service