Free Mattress Recycling

Is your mattress looking kooky? A bit spooky?

Recycle it!

Individuals can drop off mattresses and box springs at the Devlin Road Transfer Station. One set (mattress and box spring) will be accepted at no charge. Please note that customers with loads of multiple mattresses will be charged the regular gate fee.

Why recycle mattresses?

Mattresses and box springs are bulky and difficult to transport, and public access to inexpensive recycling opportunities is very limited, so illegal dumping of mattresses is a widespread problem.

What happens to mattresses and box springs after they are dropped off for recycling?

The mattresses and box springs are diverted from landfills, disassembled at mattress recycling facilities, and used to make other useful products like carpet
padding, insulation, new steel, oil filters, and mulch.

More info can be found here or at

Can’t haul the mattress? NRWS/NCRWS picks them up at the curb with our bulky item service. Fees apply; call 255-5200 for details.