Recycle Old Tires – It’s Free!

Get rid of those illegal, unhealthy and unsightly piles of tires today.

NRWS has partnered with the City and County of Napa to provide a FREE waste tire amnesty period August 1–30, 2021 for NRWS customers.

You can help to make sure these tires are recycled properly instead of becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes or fire hazards.

Together we can make a difference! The coupon authorizes the transportation of up to 19 tires for free recycling. The regular recycling price for tires 22” or less in rim size diameter is $5 per tire.

PLEASE NOTE: All passenger and light truck tires 22” or less in rim size diameter will be accepted. Tires can remain on the metal rims.


REMEMBER: You must comply with the law when hauling waste tires. With this coupon in your possession, you may haul and recycle no more than 19 tires. This offer is available to residential and non tire-dealer commercial customers only during the amnesty period of August 1-30, 2021.

To get a coupon, contact NRWS/NCRWS at (707) 255-5200.

PLEASE NOTE: City coupons are only good for the month of August, County coupons are good all year!

tire coupon

Tires brought to the Napa Recycling and Composting Facility will be ground and made into an array of products, including:

  • new tires
  • fence posts
  • playground safety surfaces
  • athletic surfaces
  • mud flaps
  • bed liners
  • roofing material

For additional information, call (707) 255-5200 or visit