No FOG Down the Drain

FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) can cause clogged sewer lines, leading to sewage overflows that contaminate our homes, streets, and creeks. Helping to prevent sewer overflows and back-ups is easy. Just follow these tips below!

  • Never pour fat, oil or grease down the drain.
  • Don’t put food scraps down the garbage disposal.
  • Collect fat and grease in a compostable container and dispose of them in the compost pail.
  • Wipe greasy pots and pans with paper towels before washing, and then put the paper towels in the compost pail.
  • Scrape food scraps into the compost pail.
  • Recycle your cooking oil through Napa’s free curbside Recycle More program! Sign up here or call (707) 255-5200. Your used cooking oil will be recycled into biodiesel!
  • Visit NapaSan’s booth at the Earth Day festival on April 24th at the Oxbow Commons for a FREE grease scraper and a compostable grease container! For more info, call 707-258-6000.

Give your sewers a break and cease the grease! Learn more at