No Time To Waste!

40% of food in the USA goes uneaten, with most ending up rotting in landfills creating methane gas! Here are some great local solutions for food rescue, so that food instead goes to feed people, animals, and the soil!

Glean (verb)
to gather leftover produce after a harvest

If you have – or know someone who has – more fruit or veggies than you or they can use, Napa Valley CanDo’s Gleaning Project is here to help!

Join their friendly on-call gleaner team; or let them know if you have excess fruit or veggies that you’d like to donate to the Food Bank. For more info, visit

Become a food donor to fight Napa Valley food Insecurity!

Donating unsold, surplus food is easy with ChowMatch, the Feeding it Forward web application tool.

For more info visit:

For other ways to donate food to reduce food waste, a complete listing of local food resources is available on the Feeding it Forward website.

NV CanDo has partnered with The Food Bank for the Napa Food Project, for coordinating “green bag” pickups. To participate in the Napa Food Project, as a food donor or neighborhood coordinator, simply sign-up at:

Learn more about food recovery here.

The Good Samaritan Act (Public Law 104-210) protects you from liability when donating food.