Red Light Enforcement

Red Light Enforcement

Napa Strengthens Commitment to Traffic Safety with Automated Red Light Enforcement System


With intersection-related traffic accidents creating safety risks for city residents, businesses and visitors, the Napa Police Department is launching an Automated Red Light Enforcement System at four high-injury intersections that were identified as part of Napa’s Local Roadway Safety Plan. The program is expected to begin by early 2024.


Red light enforcement programs have proven successful in reducing intersection-related accidents in cities across the country. Napa City Council approved the program in August 2023.


When: Following the introduction of the initial camera system at the first intersection by early 2024, cameras will be installed at three additional intersections, totaling 16 approaches. Warnings will be issued for the first 30 days following each installation, with citations beginning in month two after each installation.


Who: Vehicles recorded proceeding through a red light, turning right on a red arrow, or turning right without stopping will be eligible for citations. Infractions will be verified by the police department before citations are issued.


How: Similar to programs in California and many U.S. cities, stationary mounted cameras that monitor all four intersection approaches record video and photos of vehicles, while synchronizing to traffic lights and vehicle movement.


Where: Soscol and Imola Avenues; Redwood Road and Solano Avenue; Soscol and Lincoln Avenues; and State Route 29 and Trower Avenue.


How much: Fines are $445 for going through a red light or turning right on a red arrow and $217 for failing to stop on the right turn.


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