Refuel Your Fun!

Looking for a way to enjoy your camp stove or light without creating more trash? Try using a refillable 1lb. propane gas cylinder.

Refueling your cylinder:

✔ Saves Money – it pays for itself with 4 refills

✔ Reduces Waste – it can be refilled for ten years

✔ Cuts pollutants – refilling at local stores avoids landfilling, shipping, and packaging

TOXIC ALERT: Never put propane cylinders in the trash or recycle bin. Click here to see how to dispose of cylinders.

Find them at:

  • Allied Propane Services (sells & refills)
    221 Devlin Road, Napa 94558
    8am – 5pm M-F
  • More to come! Visit

Supported by the City of Napa, CPSC reached out to retailers in Napa County to sell and/or refill reusable 1 lb. propane cylinders.