820 Levitin Way, American Canyon
(707) 255-5200 | Open Daily 8am – 4pm

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Bring the following separated materials to this facility:

Recycle or dispose of other materials at the Devlin Road Reuse & Recycle Center.

No dumping garbage or hazardous waste of any kind. If you are caught dumping garbage or hazardous waste you will not be allowed back into the facility.

Facility Closed: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day

Additional Holiday Hours: The facility closes at noon on Christmas Eve, and closes at 3pm on Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving & New Year’s Eve.

Scale House Drop-Off Instructions 

  • Unload any garbage first at the Devlin Road Transfer Station
  • Weigh in at the scale house before unloading
  • Leave driver’s license with the scale house attendant for loads of concrete or asphalt

The City of Napa offers monthly billing to regular commercial customers of the facility — fill out a credit application.

Scale House Drop-Off Rates (effective February 1, 2024)

Electronic Waste: Free. Includes computer & office equipment, TVs, consumer electronics & small household appliances.

Scrap Metal: Free. Empty any gas/oil before disposal. No appliances.

Appliances & Microwaves: $27.00 per item

Concrete & Asphalt: $29.00 per ton ($24 min)

Drywall: $32.00 per ton ($24 min)

Compostable Food Material: $68.00 per ton ($24 min). Food scraps and soiled paper.

Packaged Organics: $96.00 per ton ($24 min). Compostable food material requiring de-packaging processing.

Wood: $67.00 per ton ($24 min). Non-treated wood with few nails; no painted wood or furniture, railroad ties or telephone poles.

Yard Trimmings: $57.00 per ton ($24 min). Branches smaller than 1″ in diameter, rolled sod, grass, leaves, etc.

Stumps/Branches: $83.00 per ton ($24 min). Branches larger than 1″ in diameter. No stumps larger than 6’ in diameter. Tree trunks 2’ or more in diameter must be cut in 5’ lengths.

Chipped Wood: $43.00 per ton ($24 min). Untreated, pre-chipped trees or branches, less than 2″, minimal green material.

Carpet & Carpet Pad: $62.00 per ton ($24 min). Material must be clean and dry; both residential and commercial carpet accepted.

Tires: $5.00 each. Less than 22″ in diameter, no more than 9 tires per trip.

Dirt is no longer accepted at the Napa MDF. Dirt can be brought to the Devlin Road Transfer Station at a discounted rate of $40/ton ($32 min).

Organic Compost and Other Materials for Purchase

Compost delivery is available within our service area (no minimum quantity required). Please call (707) 255-5200 for a delivery quote or submit a Material Delivery Request Form.

Organic Compost$14.00 per cubic yard (plus tax). Compost is a soil amendment made from yard trimmings, food scraps, and other organic materials. It is used to enrich your existing soil. OMRI listed, CDFA approved and STA certified.

Topsoil: $19.00 per yard (plus tax) – Mix of compost and screened dirt.

Gravel: $12.00 per ton (plus tax) – Crushed 3/4″ concrete & asphalt.

Gypsum: $17.00 per ton (plus tax) – Ground and screened drywall.

Mulch: $6.00 per yard (plus tax) – Screened wood chips.

Dirt: $5.00 per yard (plus tax) – Unscreened fill.

About Our Compost
We turn your food scraps, yard trimmings and other organic material into compost right here at our Napa facility! We’ve upgraded our composting technology to a new state-of-the-art system – check it out in this feature article from Biocycle!  Here’s more info on our new Covered Aerated Static Pile Composting System (CASP).

Enrich your soil naturally, prevent erosion, conserve water, close the loop, save money, and fight global warming with Napa’s local compost — the benefits go on and on! It’s perfect for farms, vineyards, gardens, yards and landscaping projects.

You can also check out guidelines for successful compost usage in building projects and landscape architecture.

How Much Should I Buy?

Thickness 2″ 3″ 4″
1,000 sq. ft. (10′ x 100′) 7 yds. 9 yds. 12 yds.
3,000 sq. ft. (30′ x 100′) 20 yds. 30 yds. 40 yds.
5,000 sq. ft. (20′ x 250′) 30 yds. 45 yds. 60 yds.
10,000 sq. ft. (40′ x 250′) 60 yds. 90 yds. 120 yds.