What’s the Big Deal About Fruit and Veggie Stickers?!

Stickers on fruits and veggies may be small, but they can have a big impact!

Stickers down the drain = Problems in the wastewater treatment system!

Stickers in the compost bin = Plastic in the compost used to grow food!

How can you help?

• Remove stickers from your produce when you first get home from the store so you don’t forget!

• Shop at a farm stand or the Napa Farmers Market where they don’t use produce stickers.

• Reuse them to create a work of art!

• Don’t want to create art? Stickers go in the landfill cart!

Calling all sticker artists!

Use produce stickers and any other materials you like to create a work of art! Share your creation with us to get a prize and have your work displayed on our Facebook pages! Learn more at: www.napasan.com/produce-sticker-art or www.naparecycling.com/produce-sticker-art