A myth we are ALWAYS trying to bust is: “don’t worry about recycling, it all ends up in the landfill anyways”!


Here at Napa Recycling, alongside the City of Napa Solid Waste & Recycling Division, we work really hard to ensure recyclable material gets recycled

What would the point be to send out separate trucks (and additional drivers), have 14 million dollars worth of sorting equipment, and over twenty people HAND sorting recycling, if not to get those products recycled into something new? A waste of money, resources, and lots of greenwashing. 

If you’ve ever been faced with someone saying to you that recycling ends up in the landfill, send them to this page! 

We are working on updating our tour of the Napa Recycling & Composting Facility and our Materials Recovery Facility (the recycling part of it), but in the meantime we have an old tour of our recycling facility here: Napa Recycles! Tour Video

Or check out our Facebook page: Napa Recycling to see a recent live tour of our facility – with behind the scenes footage of ALL of the sort lines. 

Additionally, you can find WHERE our materials end up here: Napa Recycling end markets

Got some questions we didnt answer above? 

Email Tim (Napa Recycling) or Kendra (City of Napa) by clicking their names.