Did you know that recycling and composting are mandatory in California? The good news is that almost everything generated at a winery can be recycled or composted. Contact us to set up your Zero Waste Winery!

Start by setting up recycling and compost service in production facilities, offices, tasting room and public areas. Make sure to match all trash bins with well-labeled recycling and compost bins.

Common Items

Grape Pomace and Lees: Collection available; composted or reused as animal feed.

Yard Trimmings: Composting pickup for all leaves, grass, cuttings, and other landscaping material.

Food Composting: All food scraps from kitchens, tasting rooms and employee break rooms, along with paper towels from bathrooms and labs, go in your brown or green compost cart.

Cardboard: Can be picked up loose (in single-stream recycling – please break down boxes!) or baled separately.  

Glass: Bottling facilities can source-separate by color, or it can be mixed for pickup. Product destruction services are also available for cases of full bottles.  Crystal wine glasses cannot be recycled.

Wine bottle destruction:  We crush bottles, recycle the glass and use the wine in our composting operation. A Certificate of Destruction can be provided if necessary.  Contact us for pricing and more details.

Scrap Metal: Large amounts can be picked up separately, small amount can go in regular recycling.

Wood: Pallets, sawdust and other wood can be serviced separately for recycling (small amounts can go in your compost cart).

Shrink Wrap: Can be consolidated separately in a roll off box or bales for recycling – it cannot be recycled in the single-stream recycling.

Label Backing:  Currently, label backing cannot be recycled.  Please put it in the landfill cart. 

Tetra Pak Cartons: Can go in single-stream recycling, or baled if there is large volume.

E-Waste: Must be recycled as e-waste, it can be picked up or dropped off at the Napa Recycling & Composting Facility.

Batteries & Fluorescent Bulbs: These universal waste items must be recycled at the Hazardous Waste Facility. See www.countyofnapa.org/PBES/Pollution for more information.

Natural Corks: Accepted in compost, but not the recycling. Use ReCORK or Cork ReHarvest to recycle corks.

Metal Screw Caps: Allowed in the recycling, but please make sure to first remove the cap from the bottle and recycle the bottle and cap separately in the cart (do the same with the metal lids on glass jars).

Plastic Corks: Too small to be recovered if they are placed in the recycling, so they need to go in the trash.

Capsules: Metal foil capsules can be recycled if segregated at winery. Plastic capsules cannot be recycled at this time.

Vineyard Materials

Irrigation Drip Hose: Needs to be clean (little or no dirt) and in rolls – rolls cannot go in the recycling and must be dropped off separately at our facility.  Wire must be removed and recycled in separate rolls.  Burned drip house (from wildfire cleanup) is not recyclable and must be disposed of in the landfill bin.

Vineyard Wire: Source separated and consolidated into rolls for recycling.

PVC Pipe: Not recyclable, must go in landfill bin.

Bird Netting: Not recyclable, must go in landfill bin.

Vines: Instead of burning, keep separated to be recycled as wood (please no treated wood).

Treated Wood: Must be disposed of at special landfills or the Hazardous Waste Facility.

Vineyard Heaters (smudge pots): Can be recycled as scrap metal if completely drained of fuel and sludge. Fuel and sludge must be properly disposed of as hazardous waste.

Other Information

Compost for Purchase: Organic compost is available for vineyards, gardens and landscaping. Delivery and spreading services are available.

Buy Recycled: Close the loop and purchase products made from recycled materials.

Mandatory Recycling & Composting: As part of California’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach a 75% recycling rate, recycling is now mandatory for all large businesses. Mandatory composting is also in place for generators of food scraps/other organics, and becomes mandatory for everyone in 2022. In Napa, we make it easy for your business. Contact us now to start or improve your recycling and composting program!

Interior Equipment & Signage: A full range of bins and signage is available (PDF).

Special Events: Recycle and compost at all of your events.

Bags for Customers: Wineries are included in the City of Napa’s plastic bag ordinance.

Wine Shipping: We cannot recycle foam; corrugated or pulped cardboard are a recyclable alternative.