LESS Program: Fluorescents Drop-off Locations

Fluorescent bulbs & tubes contain mercury and must be disposed of properly… do not throw in the trash or recycling!

These drop-off sites accept residential fluorescent bulbs & tubes up to 4’ in length.

Hazardous Waste Collection Facility

889A Devlin Road, Amer. Canyon 1-800-984-9661

This facility accepts tubes of any length. Businesses must call for an appointment to deliver fluorescent tubes or other hazardous waste.

NRWS Payment Center

598 Lincoln Ave, Napa 707-255-5200

Napa Electric

2240 Brown St, Napa 707-252-6611

Outdoor Supply Hardware

3980 Bel Aire Plaza, Napa 707-690-0366


…ready for a change?

Consider replacing your fluorescent bulbs with longer-lasting LEDs. LEDs save energy and do not contain mercury, so you can dispose of them in your regular trash.

To learn more: www.lamprecycle.orgnaparecycling.com/guide/light-bulbs-fluorescent-cfl