Light Bulbs (Fluorescent / CFL)

Alternative ways to recycle
Illegal in Garbage, Recycling & Drains
Hazardous Waste

Napa’s Lighting Efficiency & Safe Stewardship (LESS) recycling program promotes the safe and free disposal of residents’ fluorescent bulbs and tubes (up to 4′). The following retailers participate in this program in Napa:

Outdoor Supply Hardware
3980 Bel Aire Plaza, Napa | (707) 690-0366

Napa Electric
2240 Brown St, Napa | (707) 252-6611

LESS is sponsored by the City of Napa, Leadership Napa Valley, Napa County, PG&E, the U.S. Department of Energy & Napa Recycling & Waste Services.


Household-generated fluorescent bulbs and tubes (up to 4′) are also accepted at the following Napa County locations:

Ace Hardware – Silverado
1450 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga | (707) 942-4396

Ace Hardware – Howell Mountain
15 Angwin Plaza, Angwin | (707) 965-7537

Clover Flat Landfill
4380 Silverado Trail, Calistoga | (707) 963-7988

Hazardous Waste Collection Facility – all lengths of tubes accepted
889A Devlin Road, American Canyon | 1-800-984-9661

Home DepotCFLs OnlyNo Fluorescent Tubes
225 Soscol Ave, Napa | (707) 251-0162

Steve’s Hardware
1370 Main St, St. Helena | (707) 963-3424

Never Throw in the Trash

Fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, which is a hazard for your health and the environment. Never throw them away. Store them outside in a sealed container, and dispose of them as Household Hazardous Waste.


Air Out Room if Bulb Breaks

Broken CFL bulbs can release mercury vapor. If one breaks, clear people and pets out of the room, and then air it out for five to ten minutes. To stop the vapor from spreading, also shut off the heat, ventilation and air-conditioning.


Avoid Vacuuming if Possible

Don’t use a vacuum to clean up because this can spread the mercury powder from a broken CFL bulb. Instead, sweep up broken pieces with cardboard or paper. If there are any leftover shards of glass, use a piece of tape to pick them up.

Identifying a CFL Bulb

If you are unsure if your bulb is CFL, check if your bulb is listed with these other CFL bulbs: linear, U-tube and circline fluorescent tubes, bug zappers, tanning bulbs, black lights, germicidal bulbs, high output bulbs and cold-cathode fluorescent bulbs.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


Bring in to Lowe's

Lowe’s accepts rechargeable batteries and CFLs at any of their store locations for free recycling. Find the nearest store.

Did You Know?

Which Bulbs Are More Energy Efficient Than Incandescent Lamps?

LED lights are more energy efficient than incandescent and CFL bulbs: they last 50 times as long as traditional incandescent bulb and use 80 percent less energy. Fluorescent bulbs last three to 25 times longer than incandescents and use anywhere between 20 and 80 percent less energy.