Pet Food

Compost (Yard Trimmings) Cart

We compost all food scraps…including pet food scraps!

If disposing of unused pet food, please make sure to remove it from the packaging before putting in the compost cart.  

Pet food bags go in the landfill cart, since they are lined with plastic.

Metal pet food cans and plastic containers should be cleaned and placed in the recycling cart.

Ways to Reuse


Give to a Friend or Pet Food Bank

Give any unused pet food to a friend with a pet or donate it to a pet food bank or rescue organization.

Did You Know?

Pet Food Has a Carbon Footprint

U.S. cats and dogs account for almost 30 percent of the meat industry’s pollution. Meat production has a huge environmental impact. Methane from cows, fossil fuels for transport and water used on ranches are all contributing factors. Read more from UCLA.