Dead Animals

Special Instructions

Small dead animals – like insects, spiders, fish, small rodents, or small birds – can go in the compost cart. If using a bag, it must be paper or certified compostable.

If you find a freshly dead bird with no obvious cause of death, visit the California West Nile Virus page for more info – the California Department of Health Services may want to collect and test the dead bird for West Nile Virus.

For dead wildlife, visit the Napa County Animal Services or California Department of Fish & Wildlife websites for more information. If no issues are identified by Animal Services or Fish & Wildlife, the dead animal may be placed in the compost cart.

For pets, contact the Napa County Animal Shelter, your veterinarian, or Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park.

Dead livestock questions can go to the County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office.

On the Highway? Call the Police

If you see a dead or dying animal on the highway, or if you hit a pet or farm animal on the highway, report it to the police.

Call Animal Control for Pets or Wildlife

Animal Control will remove wildlife at no cost. They will take away pets for a small fee or no cost.

Call a Veterinarian or Animal Shelter

Veterinarians and animal shelters typically offer cremation services for pets for a fee.