Landfill (Trash) Cart

Reuse any tools that are still in good shape!

Tools that are metal can go in the recycling. Mixed materials cannot go in the recycling and should go in the landfill cart.

Electric tools must be recycled as e-wasteGas-powered tools can be recycled as well once fluids are drained and properly recycled separately as hazardous waste.


If No Plastic and Electronics? It's Scrap Metal

You can dispose of regular, electronic-free tools or accessories as scrap metal. Metal tools can’t be turned in as scrap metal if they have plastic handles.


Return Battery Packs In-Store

Do not throw away batteries from power tools. A number of companies will accept these batteries at their stores, including DeWalt, the Home Depot and Lowe’s. 


Power Tools Are E-Waste

Power tools contain electronic parts, so they can be recycled as e-waste. Remember to first disassemble your power tool so that other parts can be recycled as scrap metal.