Packing Peanuts

Alternative ways to recycle
Landfill (Trash) Cart Special Instructions

Drop off clean foam peanuts for reuse at one of the following locations:

All American Mail Center
1370 Trancas Ave, Napa
 | (707) 255-7595

Buffalo’s Shipping Post
2471 Solano Ave, Napa | (707) 226-7942

Cartons & Crates
3250 California Blvd, Napa | (707) 224-7447

The UPS Store
4225 Solano Ave, Napa | (707) 258-2454

Corn starch/compostable peanuts are accepted in the compost cart.  Please make sure to bag them in a compostable bag or paper bag, so they do not blow out of the cart when serviced.

Regular foam packing peanuts are not recyclable or compostable. If you are not donating them at one of the locations above, they must be disposed of in the landfill cart.  Please bag the peanuts to avoid littering issues.

Not sure if your peanuts are compostable? Rub them under running water – the compostable ones will completely disolve, while regular plastic foam peanuts will not.


Packing Peanuts Are Not Recyclable

Packing peanuts, which are made from plastic #6, never biodegrade. Because they are so light, they are also difficult to contain. They often fly out of the trash as well as landfills, contaminating the environment.


Choose Green

If you have to use packing peanuts, try to pick the green ones. Some are made from recycled materials, and some are starch-based and biodegradable. The pink and white ones are made from 70 percent raw materials and won’t break down.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

home for foam

Recycle With Home for Foam

Visit Home for Foam to see if there is a foam recycler in your area. These recyclers will accept many foam products, including foam packaging. Find out more.

styrofoam accepted by EPS

Recycle With EPS

Send your foam peanuts and hard packaging to EPS Industry Alliance Packaging, which offers a foam recycling alternative. Find a drop off location or mail in clean foam packaging to the nearest collection facility.

Ways to Reduce


Use Paper Instead

Rather than purchasing packing peanuts, use a more sustainable alternative to protect your shipped items, like paper or newspaper that was headed for the recycling. Try reusing shredded paper, which is difficult to recycle.


Packing Boxes With Mushrooms

Replace your packaging with a green alternative: Ecovative Design has developed bricks of organic waste that are injected with mushroom spores. They are biodegradable and will decompose in a month, unlike foam, which cannot fully biodegrade.

Ways to Reuse

Save for Next Time

Packing peanuts are easily reusable. Just save them and next time you ship something that needs protection, use the packing peanuts again.

teddy bear

Reuse Foam at Home

Use foam to refill cushions or stuffed animals that have lost their loft. You can also use foam to line the bottom of your potted plants—you won’t need as much soil and it will allow water to drain easily.

Take Them to a Mail Store

Some mailing stores will accept packing peanuts and other packing materials for drop-off. However, it depends on policies and current supply, so call ahead to ask.