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Yarn Cannot Be Recycled

Yarn cannot be recycled, and it will get tangled up in machinery at recycling facilities. 

Ways to Reduce

Buy Yarn Selectively

Instead of buying yarn whenever you’re at a crafts store and happen to see something you would love to use someday, only buy it when you need it for a specific project.

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Stick to Natural Fibers

Avoid synthetic fibers such as polyester and acrylic and stick to natural fibers such as cotton, wool and silk. Synthetic yarns shed plastic microfibers that don’t fully decompose, adding plastic pollution in our environment.

Ways to Reuse

Crochet Unwanted Yarn for Charity

Many community organizations accept crochet donations of scarves, squares or blankets, including hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, veterans’ groups and animal shelters. Contact your favorite organizations to see if they accept crochet donations, or check out this list of crochet charities by The Spruce Crafts.

Use Up Yarn Scraps

There are many uses for yarn scraps of any size. Yarn scraps make a great alternative to gift box filler, or they can be turned into wool stuffing (watch this video by Arne & Carlos to learn how). Check out more creative ideas for leftover yarn by All Free Knitting.

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Sell or Give Away Unwanted Yarn

Instead of letting it live in a basket or closet for years to come, give someone else the chance to use your unwanted yarn.