Gardening Tools

Landfill (Trash) Cart

Reuse any tools that are still in good shape!

Tools that are metal can go in the recycling. Mixed materials cannot go in the recycling and should go in the landfill cart.

Electric tools must be recycled as e-waste. Gas powered tools can be recycled as well once fluids are drained and properly recycled separately as hazardous waste.

Separate Metal Parts

If you can separate metal tool heads from any plastic, wood or fiberglass handles, dispose of the metal pieces with scrap metal. Mixed materials cannot be recycled and go in the garbage.

Ways to Reduce

Borrow Tools From a Friend or Neighbor

If you only need to use a garden tool once in a while, consider borrowing from a friend or neighbor instead of purchasing a brand new one.

Ways to Reuse

Sell or Donate Unwanted Tools

If your tools are still in usable condition, consider selling them or donating them instead of throwing them away.