Auto Fluids

Alternative ways to recycle
Special Instructions

Do you work on your own car?  Join our CONVENIENT, EASY & FREE curbside used motor oil recycling program!


1) Call 255-5200 to sign up for the free curbside pick-up program & to receive a NRWS/NCRWS free oil recycling container and oil filter bag.

2) Pickup will be on your regular collection day. When you are ready for a pickup, please call 255-5200 (at least one business day before your normal service collection day) so the drivers will look for your oil container set next to your recycling cart.

NCRWS: One container/filter per week maximum. NRWS: Two containers/filters per week maximum.  Please drain your oil filter for 24-hours before recycling.

3) You will receive a replacement recycling container and filter bag for your next oil change.

storm drain

Never Dump Down the Drain

Auto fluids, such as brake fluid and motor oil, can contaminate lakes and rivers, so never dump them in the trash or down the drain. Instead, dispose of them as hazardous waste.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


Firestone Complete Auto Care

Auto fluids can be recycled at an auto repair shop, such as Firestone Complete Auto Care. Call ahead and ask if they have any special requirements for the transportation of those fluids. Some collection places require a special container for transporting auto fluids, which can be purchased from their store.