Beverage Containers

Recycling Cart

You can recycle all CRV containers in your recycling cart, or take your CRV-eligible beverage containers to one of the following CRV Buyback Centers. Call ahead to find out what items are accepted.

Devlin Road Reuse & Recycle Center
889 Devlin Road, American Canyon | (707) 258-9005

Blue Front Recycling
2877 Solano Ave, Napa | (916) 519-2040

American Canyon Redemption Center
3915 Broadway, American Canyon | (707) 853-4373

VALCORE Community Recycling
38 Sheridan Street, Vallejo | (707) 645-8258

Clover Flat Landfill – buyback/drop off area currently closed
4380 Silverado Trail, Calistoga | (707) 963-7988


Check If Eligible for CRV

Check the label to see if a container is eligible for CRV (California Redemption Value): it will say CA Redemption Value, California Cash Refund, CA CRV, or CA Cash Refund. Aluminum cans are labeled on the top of the can, and plastic or glass containers are labeled on the side.

Rinse Out Before Recycling

Empty and rinse out beverage containers before redeeming them for cash. Moisture and dirt contaminate the recycling. The attendant may reject a pile if it is excessively contaminated.