New NCRWS Residential Rates Effective 10/1/2019

Trash, recycling and compost services are included in one monthly rate. Your rate is determined by the size of your trash cart.

new cart prices

What are these new rates paying for?

New Trucks — We’re replacing our entire 13+ year old fleet with new, cleaner, CNG (compressed natural gas) fueled trucks.

New Carts and Bins — NCRWS will provide new carts and bins to all customer homes and businesses within 5 years.

New Services — NCRWS now offers “Recycle More” service: free collection by appointment of electronics, appliances, large metal items, cooking oil, household batteries, and used clothes. And customers now have an option of a smaller 20 gal trash cart!

Quarterly Billing — Starting in JANUARY 2020, NCRWS residential customers will be billed in advance for the next 3 months of service. Please note that customers may still make monthly payments, but statements will only be sent quarterly. Commercial customers will still be billed monthly.